A lot has been happening. We screened in Strasbourg, France where got to meet the legendary George A. Romero, he loved our film. We screened in Lund, Sweden and we had our U.S. premiere at the Austin Film Festival where we won best narrative feature. The award ceremony was a glittering occassion with none other than Johnny Depp, John Lasseter and Robert Rodriguez. Collecting the award was a nerve racking experience.

We also won the audience award at Celluloid screams in Sheffield, our homecoming screening. So all in all we've been doing pretty well on the festival circuit and hopefully there's more to come soon.


Dead by Dawn was one of the best festival experiences I've ever had. Not only was the Filmhouse cinema in Edinburgh an excellent venue, with great food and drink in regular supply, but what made it so special was the loyal fans who turned up in healthy numbers to support and enjoy the four day event. It's so refreshing to see that kind of commitment from fans.

To be honest I wasn't expecting a big turnout for our Friday midday slot, but I was wrong, we had great numbers. There really is no better way to enjoy your film than with an audience and especially with an audience with such enthusiasm. The screening was followed by lots of praise from viewers and I can only thank all those people for such positive feedback on the day and in their blogs, news articles and tweets that followed.

About a month later I was informed that we had in fact won the audience award, alongside Jim Mickles Stake Land and beating off competition from the likes of Julia's Eyes. To say we were chuffed would be an understatement. Thanks to all those who voted for us.

We're off to cannes 2011...

Firstly, welcome to the new website, our in-house designer Pamps has been working hard to re-brand the film, including the sales sheet, website and everything else.

A lot has been happening over the last few months including a number of festival selections. First up was The Bradford International Film Festival, followed by a completely packed house at the London Independent Film Festival and more recently the mad Dead by Dawn, Scotland's fantastic horror festival. We've also just heard that we have been officially selected for Fantaspoa in Brazil, which will be our first festival outside of the UK.

The feedback so far has been nothing short of fantastic, with one reviewer even stating – "this movie sets new standards for independent British film" (Amy Taylor – TVBOMB) How could we ever wish for more than that. Check out more of the reviews here.

So Cannes is upon us once again, that crazy and glorified trade fair where business awkwardly mixes with the creative (for me anyway). We have been in talks with a number of sales agents and the response to the film has been very good, but we've taking our time to ensure we get in bed with the right people, so there's no official announcement yet.

If you want to keep updated with our escapades in Cannes we will be trying, as usual, to post video updates on our progress. You can keep a look out for them on our facebook page –