"I can't champion this film enough... I laughed and cried and laughed again. It's a truly endearing achievement of a film and should be sought out by all…"

"Harold's Going Stiff joins the ranks of refreshing contemporary zombie films alongside Shawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later and Fido. But more importantly, Harold's Going Stiff is just plain fresh"

"Writer-director Keith Wright has a wonderful ability to bend the tone of his material, gliding smoothly from one narrative strategy to another to suit his needs"

"It's easy to see why the Austin Film Festival jury were partial to this one, focused as that particular festival is on narrative structure and writing

"This is a superbly crafted film by director Keith Wright and is very promising. It's definitely one that everyone needs to look out for and to support upon release, it's a true British gem that you can't help but fall in love with"

"Writer and Director Keith Wright has created a powerful film with a strong social message; cleverly using the horror genre as a metaphorical backdrop"

Hayley Alice Roberts (Blogger)

"Funny and moving... intelligent, witty and above all sensitively handled. Harold's Going Stiff is one of the most original zombie crossover movies to come out of the British film industry in a very long time"

"It's really rather good. It's sort of a metaphor for growing old and being forgotten. It's well written… features some very good performances and memorable moments"

"…flips from moments of laugh-out-loud physical comedy to real pathos, and when I say pathos, I mean that many audience members at the Dead by Dawn festival where I saw the film (including myself, if I'm honest) were moved to tears"

"It's a bold and uncompromising move by a talented and skilled director... ...beautifully acted, wonderfully directed... …naturalistic performances. Keith Wright has a touch for characterisation that many other writer-directors would kill for"

"Harold's Going Stiff is both a wonderful film and a brilliantly different spin on the zombie subgenre"

"Welcome to Night of the Living Dead meets Last of the Summer Wine, where an outbreak of the undead is not so much a sign of the apocalypse but a minor inconvenience… this is an accomplished, endearing and unique take on the Zombie format"

"Innovative, funny and ingenious… Beautifully shot and nicely paced, but the real achievement is the performances"

National Media Museum Blog

"I cannot remember the last time I watched a film with zombies in which I actually cared about the characters and their situation"

"All I can say is... wow. Harold's Going Stiff is the most original zombie film I've personally seen, and I've seen quite a few"